Caldwell Exteriors - Logo design , Rebranding

Spoko is Luxury perfume brand

spoko - Logo design , Identity Program

company for the care and protection of older persons physically 
and morally. The association's goal is to expand the area of 
care for elderly people 

Twin River - Logo design , Identity Program

Supporting artists and singers in their artistic field. multinational video hosting service
 manages sound engineering and music videos. Preparation of concerts and technical interviews

Wavaw - Logo design , Identity Program

"raw pooch" Is a dog food company. and premium eats its the slogan of the company
 that they sell high-quality dog food 

Raw Pooch - Logo design , Identity Program

"giffler" is a brand of chocolate confection which originated in germany .

Gifller - Logo design , Identity Program

"lighter" is for the manufacture of general and household heating products. Water Heater . grill . microwave ...

Lighter - Logo design , Identity Program

Velher - Logo design , Identity Program

MBC is a building construction company. And the manufacture of building tools

MBC - Logo design , Identity Program

"strata realty group" is a real estate companyin usa . luxury building and rebuilding withhigh class level of  villa and house building design . luxury black and gold bull is the icon of the company 

SRG - Logo design , Identity Program

“themez surprize” is a company that sellsand distributes various products such astoys, perfumes, beauty products, etc. 
inside the square boxes in a stylish and luxurious way bound by an American 
company aimed at expanding the packaging of products and surprises boxs

iconic Z letter in a square . describe what company do 

Themez Surprize - Logo design , Identity Program

“Frenia O’bannon” Is a company specializing inspa hotels in the UK where this company aims to make the spa more relaxed with all the necessities to make it the best experience of quiet hot water. Massage. calm white place with white flowers

Two basic white and brown colors on a simple flower. Expression of calm and comfort

frenia O'bannon - Logo design , Identity Program

dynamic auto group is a private company selling and repairing cars . aiming to expanf the culture of cars and make them smoother . it has branches throughout america and neighboring countries

the logo is showing link letters of the cut name of the company "DAG" Dynamic Auto Group LLC

DAG - Logo design , Identity Program

“CNF7”IIs a company specializing in inviting people to exercise, fitness and training on physical health to make life happy. It has specialized sports products and tools all over the world

CFN7 - Logo design , Identity Program

“willow tree”Is a company for sewing and manufacturing clothes and shirts. It has multiple branches all over the world and aims to manufacture natural dresses from trees

Willow tree - Logo design , Identity Program

“the clinic” is a sophisticated and advanced clinic specialized in women's beauty and dental 
repair. Aims to develop scientific in the field of 
cosmetics and dentistry

The Clinic - Logo design , Identity Program

“lucid”Logo for data artist. 
Holdsinternational lectures to teach how to deal with mind data . 
and the important of mind control into career and relationship

redesign and update the logo to simple icon (braindata)
 . with simple harmony font type more bold

Lucid - Logo design , Identity Program

“web road” It is a private company to teach everything related to the world of web. 
It has branches all over the world to provide 
educational content for the web and Internet sciences

Web road - Logo design , Identity Program

”SPRAIM”  is a company specialized in manufacturing and installing
 electronic gaming equipment . Computer gaming accessories  

The dragon animal was used to symbolize power and lightness.
The red color was used to describe the power and anger of the dragon.
Angry dragon or polemic expresses the strength of the industry

Spraim - Logo design , Identity Program

“kingsbee” is a company for manufacturing and sewing international garments. High quality of sewing quality.Most rely on the sewing of regular black shirts

Yellow and black color is the color of bees. A simple design shows the body of bee and the head
 indicates that it is the king of bee

Kingsbee - Logo design , Identity Program